Kinetic Seminar Event

by admin | May 15, 2014 11:36 am

Kinetic Architecture seminar is a seminar to understand and introduce the new design trend and phenomena in Architecture called Kinetic. Ahmed ELshafei and Mohamed Sami the CEO of AVL and inventors of Archuino boards have been invited to give a 2 hours introduction about their activities. During the presentation, Special contribution is given to Dr. Mostafa Rabea – the founder of Algoritm – about Algorithmic design strategies and parametric design thinking.

– During seminar the following points has been presented:
1- parametric design methods understanding
2- algorithmic design logics
3- kinetic Architecture presentation and examples,
4- the mission of on Archiuno & digital models for kinetic simulation by grasshopper components
5- Firefly bulging and grasshopper definitions
6- different between Arduino and Archuino
7- Archuino inputs and outputs
8- understanding Kinetic 02 Mechanizm
9 – models movements mechanisms
10- kinetic projects’ examples
11- a new look to the future Architectural projects and design methods
12- open discussions (Questions and Answers)

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