Grasshopper Basic Level Course

by admin | May 23, 2014 3:25 pm

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Part 1Rhino 3D Modeling – Introduction- Navigation

– Interface

– Work flow basics




– Drawing 2d

– Modeling 3D Surfaces

– Modeling 3D Solids

– Modeling Aids

– Editing and Transforming objects

– Rhino secrets

Part 2Parametric Modeling (Grasshopper)– Presentation workshop- Introduction to parametric design, examples

– Grasshopper interface, algorithmic logic

– Grasshopper: components, connections,

– Essential mathematical functions and logical operations

– Series, data management

– Definition of curve and surface analysis

– Definition of grids and patterns

– Paneling, dynamic pattern

– Image sampler, attraction points

– Weaver bird plug-in; subdivision algorithms,

– Weaver bird plug-in; subdivision algorithms supplemented with point attractors,

– Slider animation

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