Environmental Optimization Workshop

by admin | December 4, 2014 6:37 pm

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Duration:  The workshop, in total, will run for 28  hours / 4 days excluding breaks. It will be divided to three main topics, building performance, optimization, simulation,

(From 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM)


day_01 (Modeling)

–       Introduction to RHINO and GRASSHOPPER. Modeling


day_02   (DIVA for Rhino)

–       Introduction to Building Performance Simulation (BPS), building scale simulation.


day_03 (parametric environmental Analysis)

–       Environmental Algorithms.

–       DIVA for Grasshopper

–       Geco plugin.

–       P.V solar analysis – shadow analysis


day_04 (design optimization)

–       Introduction on optimization with grasshopper (Glapagos)

–       Envelope pattern optimizations for natural lighting

–       Group divisions and projects’ assignments

–       Project presentations

Prerequested :

You do not need specific knowledge of Rhinoceros  or building performance analysis

LIMITED SEATS (max 20 SEAT).every participant must submit his CV and statement of interest to the organizers by email: register@ealgoritm.com[3]. In case of acceptance we will contact the participant to continue registration.

Submission deadline  is  1/8/2014.

Workshop fee:  1400 LE  for 28 hours of training     Note: 50 % discount for students



4 Rashdaan  St., – Dokki – Giza – Egypt

Tele: +2 01026855500

:+2  0233358103

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