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Kinetic Workshop Cairo 2014

ScheduleInformation PROGRAM OF THE WORKSHOP AND COMPITITION day_01 understanding Parametric desing - presentation of the workshop, objectives - Introduction to parametric design, examples - Grasshopper, algorithmic logic, Data managements - break - Grasshopper: components, connections, - essential mathematical functions and Read More

Grasshopper Intermediate Level Workshop

ScheduleInformation PROGRAM OF THE WORKSHOP day_01 magnatic fields and meta balls algorithms9:30 to 10:00: presentation workshop10.00 - 11.00: data tree managing, examples 11.00 - 13.00:, fields algorithmic and application logic 13.00 - 14.30: break 14:30 to 16:00: meatballs algorithms and Read More

Grasshopper Basic Level Course

Schedule Part 1Rhino 3D Modeling - Introduction- Navigation - Interface - Work flow basics -transformation -selecting -layers - Drawing 2d - Modeling 3D Surfaces - Modeling 3D Solids - Modeling Aids - Editing and Transforming objects - Rhino secrets Part Read More

Kinetic Seminar Event

Kinetic Architecture seminar is a seminar to understand and introduce the new design trend and phenomena in Architecture called Kinetic. Ahmed ELshafei and Mohamed Sami the CEO of AVL and inventors of Archuino boards have been invited to give a

Read More